White wine: the perfect drink for spring

Wine is for many the ideal drink to have at the beach, it’s the perfect combination between sweet and dry, it’s refreshing and light to drink. 

Do you want to know what makes this drink perfect for your spring and Easter vacations?

For starters, white wine should be served chilled, as it is at a low temperature that the depth of its flavors can be enjoyed best. The most prominent notes of a white wine are usually citrus, providing a sensation of freshness and sweetness. In addition, scientific studies prove that it has many health benefits. It contains many antioxidants, reduces the risk of cancer, helps reduce cholesterol and is less likely to cause a hangover.

Among the variety of white wines, dry wine is the most consumed in the world, but the diversity is vast and that also allows achieving extraordinary pairings, beyond its traditional association with fish and seafood. Have you tried pairing your salads with white wine? Or with a magnificent Spanish paella? White wine goes great with white meats, but also with Asian foods such as sushi, pasta and certain cheeses. But not only that, each type of grape will offer you different and surprising sensations.

In Mexico we have a great variety of white wines that will delight your senses: such as Casa Grande Chardonnay, Monte Xanic Chenin Colombard, Le Sauvignon Henri Lurton, Chasselas del Mogor, Sierra Blanca Sauvignon Blanc A. Cetto and many more. Find your favorite at Tantra and live an amazing day at the beach pairing your favorite dishes with white wine. 

The Mediterranean flavors of our cuisine make a perfect match with the freshness of the white wines that have been carefully selected to be part of Tantra's menu. 

An elegant ice bucket refreshing a bottle of golden hues and glasses full of fresh aromas and flavors will be the complement to your table, to enjoy an aperitif in front of the sea at our Beach Club in Tulum or a dinner to celebrate a memorable Spring night.

Enjoy a delicious white wine in the most refreshing place in Tulum: Tantra, the best Beach Club in the Mexican Caribbean.