Discover the history behind champagne

Champagne is one of the favorite drinks to enjoy at Tantra Tulum, this drink is perfect for any celebration and any time of the day; but do you know a little of the history of this bubbly drink?

It’s believed that its history begins in France and the origin is attributed to a monk named Dom Pierre Pérignon.

Dom Pérignon died in 1715 and during his 47 years as cellar master he created the basic principles that are still used today to make Champagne, Cava and most existing sparkling wines. The "secondary fermentation" technique, which is referred to as the "méthode champenoise".

According to history it’s believed that Dom Pérignon did not actually intend to make wine with bubbles, his intention was to innovate at the time and make white wine from red grapes. He spent a long time perfecting the art of this creation. He avoided the skins of the grapes, which were responsible for the color, and blended different wines from different vineyards in the region to obtain a product with the best flavor.

The wine and champagne industry has evolved a lot since then, but it’s a fact that there are many fun facts, such as knowing that a bottle can contain approximately 49 million bubbles, and the smaller these bubbles are, the better the quality of the champagne. 

You should also know that the wine labeled with the name "champagne" can only be produced in the region of Champagne, in northeastern France. There are wineries that produce this wine with the same method but cannot label it as champagne because they are not located in the region that complies with the Champagne Appellation of Origin.

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