Treasures of the sea at Tantra

Tantra is an exclusive beach club in Tulum that creates unique experiences by the sea. A place to disconnect, live an extraordinary day, discover new flavors and surround yourself with luxury and sophistication.

In addition to its privileged location, there are several factors that make Tantra a must during your visit to Tulum. Its incredible signature mixology, live shows and party and celebration atmosphere, as well as its international dishes full of nuances, inspiration and unique flavors. 

Something that makes Tantra's menu special is that it includes a variety of fish and seafood that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Each of their products has been selected, imported and treated as a treasure from the sea. The recipes in Tantra's kitchen were created taking into account the peculiarities and attributes of each seafood or fish. 

We recommend some dishes that you can order to enjoy these treasures of the sea:


Seafood Amalfi Lime Risotto 

This risotto is exquisite, its soft and subtle taste contrasting with the flavors of the sea. It includes: shrimp, squid, mussels and clams, prepared with a touch of citrus and garlic. A true delight and a perfect way to combine different flavors in one dish. 



Prawn soup

This soup is not just any soup, creativity and ingenuity overflow everywhere. Its main ingredients are wild mushrooms, roasted onion and of course, grilled prawns. This soup gives you the feeling of satiety you need, with an extraordinary flavor. 




Tuna Tartare

The freshness of tuna is simply unmistakable. This dish is prepared at the perfect point so you can enjoy its flavor in front of the beach. It is accompanied by a creamy touch of avocado and wasabi. Perfect combinations to make your day at Tantra a memorable one. 




Giant Dungeness Crab

This crab is sweet, slightly nutty and mild, Dungeness crab is a favorite because the meat of the body is tender and juicy, while the meat of the legs is firmer and with stronger flavors. At Tantra it’s cooked with Grana Padano cheese and we recommend pairing it with a glass of white wine. The ideal meal to pamper yourself and taste one of the treasures of the sea.