The perfect pairing with fish

For many years we have heard the typical phrase "Fish goes with white wine and red meat with red wine" and although there is still a lot of logic and compatibility in this belief, gastronomy and modernity have reached us to understand that there are many nuances and factors to choose the perfect pairing with fish


To pick the perfect wine for a highly satisfying experience, we must understand that the variety of fish is extensive and we should not simplify its flavors and explore the possibilities that surround it. Let's start with the types of fish that we usually find in restaurants. 


Lean fish: in this category you can find light fish such as: grouper, sole, hake and sea bass, to mention a few. These types of fish are very common in restaurants, and part of a balanced diet, they are known for their fresh and delicate flavor. You can pair them with a Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc. 


Blue fish: they tend to be fattier, with more distinctive strong flavors and aromas for the palate. Salmon, tuna and sardines fall into this category, choose between pink wines with fruity notes, young red or white wines with long aging. 


To pair sushi we recommend a fresh, fruity and aromatic wine, eating raw seafood is a very different experience, in this case you can also choose between a Chardonnay, a Pinot Grigio or Champagne. In the case of ceviches, beer is one of the most popular and iconic pairings. Nothing can go wrong with the fresh taste of a beer with salmon, Maine lobster or octopus ceviche at Tantra Tulum. 


For grilled or wood-fired fish, a Malbec wine is perfect and for sashimis a drier pink wine will make their flavors stand out and complement each other at the same time.


Pairings become a world of possibilities, remember there are many wines with very different flavors, vintages and notes, food pairing is not a strict guide, but a process of taste and creativity. Dare to try new flavors and elevate your gastronomic experiences. 


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