Tantra: the perfect combination of beach, gastronomy and luxury in Tulum

If you’re looking for a spot that combines the natural beauty of Tulum with a unique gastronomic experience, you can't miss Tantra. This exclusive beach club in Tulum is an oasis of luxury and relaxation, where you can enjoy fresh cuisine fused with Asian and Mediterranean influences, as well as a wide selection of champagne and handcrafted cocktails, made with natural syrups and exclusive distillates. 

The ambiance at Tantra Tulum is sophisticated and elegant, ideal for those seeking a high-end bohemian experience. The service is impeccable and the party staff will do everything to turn your beach day into a fascinating party. 

The Beach club boasts breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, creating the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy your vacations in Tulum.  

Tantra's cuisine focuses on fresh, local and international ingredients giving each dish a special touch. The menu includes a wide variety of options from fresh seafood, to vegetarian options such as salads, ensuring that all diners will find something they like. In addition, the variety of Champagne is impressive, offering the best brands in the world so that your visit does not lack that moment of celebration by the sea. 

The menu includes many Champagne packages that can be for 3 people or up to 20, it all depends on the plan you are looking for or if you’re visiting with a large group. 

As for the cocktails, the mixology at Tantra Tulum is exceptional. Each of the cocktails are made with the best ingredients and their presentation is flawless. You can't miss some of the signature cocktails that are inspired by Indonesia. 


Tantra is undoubtedly an experience that you can not miss on your visit to Tulum. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the beach, gastronomy and a luxurious atmosphere, do not hesitate to visit this exclusive beach club in Tulum. The best party days are waiting for you.