The best bottles of champagne to enjoy at the beach

The best bottles of champagne to enjoy at the beach

Champagne is one of the most requested drinks at Tantra, its flavor, freshness and bubbly effervescence make it a must on your days at the beach. There are several bottles, brands and notes so you can choose your favorite, we share 3 options to enjoy in our exclusive beach club. 

Moët et Chandon

This brand is simply iconic, it has gained great recognition over the years, it’s one of the most sophisticated and renowned drinks in the world. There are several versions: rosé imperial, ice imperial and Grand Vintage 2012 to mention a few. It’s created from more than 100 different wines, 30% of which are reserve wines that enhance its flavor. Its aroma combines essences of dried fruits, green apple and citrus with light and smoky scents.         Its classic Moët Impérial bottle was created in 1869, it embodies the unique style of Moët & Chandon, a style distinguished by its fruity flavor and elegant maturity.  

Veuve Clicquot

This is one of the most recognized brands of champagne, ideal for celebrating and spending a memorable moment in Tulum. It’s a luxury drink with an intense and sweet aroma with a sweet touch of peaches, plums and dried fruits. At the first sip, you will feel a sweet and sour essence of grapefruit, which will eventually transform into more toasted notes of nuts. It’s a refreshing, silky and complex choice for your senses. 

Taittinger Brut Réserve 

This champagne brand is produced in an independent house in an artisanal manner. The company is still managed and run by the founding family.  Its champagne is one of the most exquisite and recognized in France. It’s created from a large selection of grapes from various vineyards, to achieve the perfect blend. To accomplish proper maturity, its characteristic aroma and intense flavor, it’s aged for 3 to 4 years in cellars, which raises its prestige and value in the market. 

Pair your bottle of champagne with our exclusive dishes and spend one of the best days of your vacation in Tulum.